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What is a Precinct?

A Precinct means a district within a county established by the board of elections of such county within which all qualified electors having a voting residence therein may vote at the same polling location.

What is a Precinct Delegate?

Precinct Delegates are closer to their community than any other elected official and are generally the most important.  The number of delegates are allotted based on previous election history and by the Chair of the county party in each county in the state.  Precinct Delegates, when vetting and voting, will be doing so based on the constituents within their precinct. 

Precinct Delegates:

  • Are elected in the August primary election, in even years

  • Serve a 2-Year term (there are no term limits)

  • Must live within the district they run in

  • Must be a registered voter in order to run for the position

Responsibilities of Precinct Delegates are:

  • Attend, participate in and vote at 4 county conventions during the 2 year term

  • Have the option to service on party committees

  • Have the option to attend up to three state conventions and one national convention

  • Speak with their neighbors to discuss important issues

  • Vet and promote party candidates

  • Encourage their constituents to vote, donate and attend political events

  • Inform party leadership of imporatant voter issues and concerns

  • Represent the precinct at party meetings and other political events


We need delegates in every neighborhood in Macomb County.  If you are interested in serving your community in the most important way possible, click the link below!

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