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Letter to the editor

The oped “Ideology is undermining Earth Day’s actual goal” (4/22) is a breath of fresh environmental air. Writer Angela Logomasini wrote a well reasoned, dispassionate, articulate and evidence-based post on agriculture and environment. I have but one objection, it’s not ideology as such that is the problem, it’s the wrong ideology.

Many on the far right and far left believe in the ideology of man the flawed creature. Both think man is imperfect because he can and does make mistakes.

This has led to the popular notion that everything man touches must lead to garbage, disaster. But it is not so. Man qua man is not flawed. He is a creature with a volitional mind, one he must chose to use.

When the author says “There’s no doubt that the innovations of a free-marketplace yield monumental environmental benefits,” she is saying that when men are free to choose their thoughts, and act on them, enormous goodness can ensue, and that includes correcting past mistakes. The flawed creature belief needs to be rejected in favor of man, the creature capable of great good. That capability though, needs maximum freedom to flourish.

Michael Neibel Roseville

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